The resemblance is uncanny.
Ratatouille's Food Critic and Lookalike
Credit: Disney / mmmjoemele

With more and more people stuck indoors, we're turning to creative ways to entertain ourselves. There's no better example of this than Joe Mele's recent video on TikTok, where he teams up with his (seemingly unwilling) father to show the world how his dad is an exact lookalike for the critic in Disney's Ratatouille.

Ratatouille, the endearing film which follows a budding chef rat and his human friend, also involves the intimidating character of the food critic, Anton Ego. Brooding, moody, and hard to please, his entire demeanor is perfectly copied by Mele's father.

The look was achieved, with Joe Mele's insistence, with a quick change of clothes, combed back hair, and a little eyeshadow to complete the ensemble. We don't know what they had for dinner after filming this video, but we sure hope it was a big plate of ratatouille.

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