April 25, 2019
4th of july oreos
Photo courtesy of Walmart

They actually pop in your mouth.

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Firework Oreos are back, baby, and they're as explosive as ever.

We mean that quite literally—these limited-edition cookies will actually crackle in your mouth, Pop Rocks-style.

Our friends at Food & Wine tried Firework Oreos when they debuted in 2017. While their testers couldn't come to a consensus about the cookies (reactions ranged from "utterly delightful" to "no … no"), most agreed that they were pleasantly surprised by the popping candy.

"While Oreo has experimented with some weird flavors before (waffles anyone?), the Firework Oreos are basically your classic cream-filled cookie. There's no real taste difference, just a slight gritty texture from the popping candies in the frosting, although not as grainy as the sugar-laced Peeps Oreos from this Easter. All in all, it doesn't seem any different than a regular old Oreo… at first. After you chew for a bit, the popping candies begin to dissolve and fizzle in your mouth, sometimes for just a few second and sometimes, we found, for minutes afterward. And if you don't hate Pop Rocks (or joy), it's a surprisingly enjoyable addition to an already delicious cookie."

Delish reports that Firework Oreos are available at select Walmart locations now—but check with your local store before you commit to bringing a box to your July Fourth party.

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