Just add whiskey.

Fireball Holiday Nog
Credit: Walmart

Everyone has a little secret something that makes their eggnog the star of holiday parties, and we're certainly no stranger to swapping eggnog recipes with friends and neighbors. But this year, we might turn in our 'nog making apron and just reach for a new seasonal sipper from Fireball.

Yes, the same Canadian whiskey company that brings you apple-cinnamon cocktails and nights that are a little fuzzy in your memory is bringing a non-alcoholic holiday 'nog to Walmart this holiday season. Though it won't have the whiskey in the packaged eggnog mix, it certainly encourages you to mix up your own concoction. It says "For a red hot kick add Fireball Whisky" right on the package.

The cinnamon-spiced 'nog will hit store shelves at the end of September. It will retail for a bit less than $3 a carton, which is a bargain for not having to take the effort to make your own eggnog.

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