Love Halloween Candy? This Company Will Pay You $500 to Eat It

Yes, really.

Different kinds of candy together
An assortment of candy including Halloween candy. Photo: Tetiana_Chudovska via Getty Images

Right about now, a lot of people out there are looking for ways to put some joy back into Halloween. With tens of millions of Americans unemployed and looking for a lifeline, there's just as many if not more folks out there looking to make a little extra cash .

So with that in mind, a recent job posting seeking candy testers will probably attract a pretty significant number of applicants. Finder Media, a company that wants to help people when it comes to making "everyday life decisions,'' (which, apparently, includes choosing Halloween candy), is looking for a Halloween candy tester. Seriously: All you really have to do is eat an undisclosed amount of candy in an effort to "decide the best Halloween candies in the US'' and receive $500 for the trouble.

If you're interested in applying, there's no need to worry about fixing those typos in your resume either. To submit your entry online, you just have to provide your name, email, state, and a brief candy-themed cover letter about why you should become Finder Media's candy tester.

According to the fine print, anyone in the US or Canada aged 21 or older is eligible to enter. It also notes that a winner will be chosen at random, so definitely don't agonize over the application. The good news is that you have until October 31 to apply, with a winner to be announced on November 4. Kind of odd timing on Finder Media's part, but maybe their plan is to put out a very thoroughly-researched Halloween candy guide in time for October 2021.

So if you've been told you can eat Halloween candy like it's your job, maybe it's time you literally made it your (part-time) job. Now that is a resume item that'll certainly open some new doors.

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