Our 5 Favorite Ways to Use Store-Bought Pastry Dough

This is pure shortcut magic.

tubs and packs of pastry dough with Pillsbury dough at the center
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Don't argue with the doughboy: Pillsbury is the top choice of Allrecipes readers when it comes to store-bought pastry dough, according to our 2023 Allrecipes Community Choice Awards. And it's no wonder we love those grab-and-go dough rolls and sheets — they're a home cook's secret weapon. Yes, they take the guesswork out of pies and tarts, but we went the extra doughy mile to bring you 5 more delicious, easy ways to use pastry dough sheets.

Pot Pies

Pot pies are one of those meals that are both deeply comforting and a little bit special. And while pot pies are a great way to use up leftovers and a fun thing to make as a family, fussing with pie crust or puff pastry can turn the fun into a chore. Enter the Pillsbury Original Crescent Dough Sheet. Whether you start with a classic chicken or beef and vegetables in gravy, or get creative with anything from chili to curry to leftover stir-fry, homemade pot pies are now as easy as unrolling a dough sheet over the top and baking to perfection! And since the sheets are uncut, you can make a single family-sized pie or adorable individual sizes.

Sweet and Savory Spirals

Looking for a small appetizer nibble, a light lunch, or a sweet treat for brunch or dessert? These swirled, stuffed treats make the most of the dough sheet's flexibility. Simply spread a light coating of your filling over all but one inch of the dough, roll up, slice, and bake. Here are some combinations to consider:

  • Cinnamon sugar and pecans for a brunch sweet.
  • Herbed goat cheese and sundried tomatoes for elegant appetizers.
  • Ham and cheese for an easy, but fun lunch.
  • Pizza Pinwheels for an after-school snack that will make your house the place to be.
  • Nutella for dessert.

Mini Pastry Cups

When it comes to appetizers, nothing feels more celebratory than little two-bite tartlets. But fussing over a dish like that, especially for a crowd, is more than most of us can bear. Enter the dough sheets! Simply cut rounds of sheet dough and line mini muffin tins,, fill, and bake. From mini quiches to tiny pizza cups, these tender morsels will be the hit of your next cocktail party. We particularly love these bacon-cheese tartlets.

Fast and Simple Dessert Bakes

Happens to the best of us. We run into a pal, find out no one has plans for the evening and suddenly a joyful spontaneous "Come for dinner!" is flying out of our mouths. And sure, you could just stop at a bakery on the way home, but homemade dessert is a way to show that extra love. Never fear: Just pop a dough sheet open and you are more than halfway to a wonderful dessert with minimal effort. Try hand pies filled with fruit, jam, or chocolate spread; to simple galettes with the dough topped with sliced fruit and sprinkled with sugar; or a twist on a classic like these Layer Bars. Assembly takes about the same amount of time as preheating your oven, and your guests will love the results.

Pizzas and Flatbreads

Dough sheets are also your best friend for homemade pizza faster than delivery, not to mention wonderful flatbreads to serve as light meals, appetizers, or dunking breads for dips. They can be as simple as brushing with garlic oil and scattering some dried herbs, or as upscale as goat cheese with caramelized onion and oil-cured olives. More fun: Let your kids top their own individual pizzas or make larger ones to share. For appetizers, try something special like this chilled veggie pizza.

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