I'm trying to grasp on to the last bit of warm weather, but the leaves are changing, and from our data last week, fall recipes are on the rise. Proof is in the results below!

Our Hottest New Recipe

Baked Mexican Chips on a Stick beat out all other new recipes last week. No one can resist a spicy, crunchy potato on a stick - created using a spiralizer. My crunchy potato hopes were on Kitchen Sink Hash Brown and Egg Waffle, which looks equally irresistible.

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Biggest Spike in Interest

Pancakes: No one can resist the pull. Chilly mornings call for a hot cup of coffee and a stack of these Good Old Fashioned Pancakes. You agree and viewed this recipe more than any other.

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Your Most-Favorited Recipes

More than 200 5-star reviews can't go unnoticed, and they didn't last week when you found Chef John's Classic Beef Stroganoff. This rich dish enticed you so much, it had the highest jump in people who clicked the little heart on the recipe to "favorite" it.

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What You Searched For

What are the two most quintessential fall foods? Apples and pumpkins! Our search data was full of both last week. I guess everyone is ready to bake and fill their homes with spicy sweet scents.

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