Connect with your kids.

Make the most of your time together with quick conversation starters and fun fall activities. Read on for 9 fun and easy ways to connect with your kids.

By Amy Palanjian

mother and son
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1. Ask Open-Ended Questions

Ask about her likes and dislikes. ("What would be your best day ever? And your worst?") Repeat back what she says to show that you've listened and care.

2. Give Gentle Massages

Offer to rub your kid's back, feet, hands, or scalp, even for five minutes before he goes to bed. He'll feel calm and secure and will sleep better, too.

3. Go Apple Picking

Surprise the kids by day-tripping to a nearby orchard. Go early on a Saturday to beat the crowds, pick a bushel or two, hit up a hayride, and then head home to bake an apple crisp for dessert.

4. Look for Recipes Together

Ask your child to name her favorite fruit or veggie. Search for cool recipes that use it as a main ingredient. Then, let her be your sous chef!

5. Throw a Dance Party

Play some irresistible music and challenge your kids to see who has the best moves. If you get in on the action, too, chances are the kids will be surprised…and maybe even impressed!

family dancing
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6. Go on a Date

Schedule one-on-one time with just one kid at his favorite restaurant or a new place you want to try together. Bonus points for dressing up!

7. Make Funny Family Videos

You can let your children wing it or offer to help write and direct the home movie. Imitations of other family members are always a hit!

8. Have a "Yes" Day

Let the kids be entirely in charge of everything you do for a day — we highly suggest you save this for a weekend when you have no other commitments — even if that means they pick pie for dinner. (P.S.: You'll likely enjoy that as much as they do.)

9. The family that runs together…

Start your Thanksgiving with a family fun run (or a not-so-fun run...) by joining a local turkey trot. Try to do a few practice runs—start at one mile and gradually work up to three — a few weeks before the race, and make it a family effort. Take walk breaks as needed, but everyone trains and everyone races, no matter how fast or slow they may be! Check your local event calendar or visit to find a race near you.

This article originally appeared in the October/November 2019 issue of Allrecipes Magazine.