By Leslie Kelly

Summer's fun, but autumn brings a welcome return of warming spices, apples and pumpkin to the top of the list of must-cook essential ingredients. That's especially true when it comes fall coffee cakes that feature the flavors of the season. We've rounded up our very best fall coffee cakes for you to bake. These make a great start -- or a sweet finish -- to a brunch party for friends, who will be super-impressed with your sweet effort. And, guess what? They're among the easiest category of cake to make. So, go bake!

Apple of Your Eye

We're so fortunate to live in an age where we have access to so many wonderful apple varieties, from coast-to-coast. While some recipes call for peeling apples, leaving the peel on bumps up its nutritional value and adds a rustic texture.

Easy Apple Coffee Cake | Photo by KIMMIE5474

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Colorful + Tart

Hello, cranberries! We love your saucy ways at Thanksgiving and are always inspired to try and find new ways to showcase your colorful tart character. That's why we were so very excited to discover these top-rated coffee cake recipes.

Cranberry coffee cake. Photo by Meredith Publishing

Fragrant Spices

Cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and combos of all those warm spices turn your kitchen into a space that smells spectacular. Add walnuts or pecans for a little crunch on top and you've a serious slice of autumn on your plate.

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