By Melanie Fincher

You've been waiting all year for this.

Before you know it, fall will be here and the deliciously warm and comforting flavors of autumn will abound. Food just gets better when the weather cools down—creamy casseroles, warm soups, and decadent desserts are all reasons to love the season. But there's nothing more warm and cozy on a crisp fall night than cranking up the oven and filling your home with the mouth-watering scent of freshly baked pies, breads, cakes, cookies, and more. Celebrate the season of comfort with these top-rated fall baking recipes.

1. Apple Pie by Grandma Ople

It's only fitting to start with a classic. Reviewer wee red says, "Believe the hype. I made this for the first time for a dinner party I had last week—mostly because I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. And it did not disappoint. Women were begging for the recipe. Men were saying it was the best apple pie they had ever tasted...Henceforth I am eschewing all other apple pie recipes."

2. Pumpkin Apple Streusel Muffins

Reviewer COmomof2 says, "I have been making these at least twice a month since I found this recipe back in the fall. I've done jumbo, regular and mini muffins and often freeze them for a grab-and-take snack. They are wonderful and the kids devour them."

Photo by CC<3's2bake

3. Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies III

"These cookies are delicious and cake-like," says reviewer Crystal. "Every fall, it never fails, when the leaves start turning and the weather gets crisp I start getting requests for these cookies—it's crazy!"

4. Apple Enchilada Dessert

"I have used this recipe several times and love how quick and easy it is. I can put them in the oven just before we start eating dinner and dessert is ready when we are," says reviewer Nikki. "I have made it with both canned and fresh apples. Fresh apples are much better."

Photo by bd.weld

5. Cranberry Pistachio Biscotti

"Excellent recipe that won me a baking contest! Soft enough that they can be eaten without being dipped in a drink. Make sure to let the logs cool before slicing them, otherwise they will crumble and fall apart," says reviewer MWalton.

6. Gramma's Apple Bread Pudding

"This was described as 'heavenly' and made people forget all about Thanksgiving pies...We took the advice in reviews and used a water bath, which made it soft, creamy, and perfect. Added a shot of brandy and some pecans to the sauce," says reviewer KATIEZ21.

Photo by Kim's Cooking Now

7. Crustless Cranberry Pie

"This was the tastiest, simplest dessert ever. I wouldn't change a thing, as there is a wonderful sweet-tart contrast as well as a crunch with the nuts. Baked perfectly in the time given, with a beautiful golden crust," says reviewer AdeB. "I'm being begged to make another immediately at home, so I guess I'll make more to take to friends. Coffee + this = heaven." Top it all off with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

8. Brown Family's Favorite Pumpkin Pie

A classic pumpkin pie is a must-bake during the cooler months, and this recipe from the Brown family has over 800 glowing reviews. Reviewer NIKKIREGENCY says, "I started making this last Thanksgiving and it quickly became my signature! My family no longer buys their pumpkin pies and my young cousins will eat the whole thing if left alone!"

Photo by Noel

9. Pumpkin Ginger Cupcakes

Recipe creator Lisa Lewis describes these cupcakes as,"Delicious, light and fluffy! These taste of fall, and the crystallized ginger gives them a lovely little zing. Even people who don't like pumpkin love these cupcakes. These disappear as fast as I can set them out!"

10. Oatmeal Craisin Cookies

"Eureka! I've found it! The perfect cookie...Perfect texture, sweetness, and flavor. My kids are loving them and they usually don't like oatmeal cookies. We will make this one again and again," says reviewer PODGER1.

Photo by Doubletigers

11. Pumpkin Cookies V

"This is the most incredible soft cookie. So delicious, even better than pumpkin pie," says reviewer CYNPHIL40. "I pour the glaze into a squeeze bottle for ease and speed in glazing these little gems. Then I just drizzle the glaze on top. This recipe makes lots and lots of cookies."

Photo by Darcey55

12. Pecan Pie Bars I

Reviewer Avon- status quo PRO says, "Because we are generally swimming in pies over the Thanksgiving holiday, this year I decided that I would make these instead of my traditional pecan pie. Am I ever glad I did. The shortbread crust just melts in your mouth and the gooey, toffee layer is the exact taste of the pecan pie in a hand held serving."

Photo by Life Tastes Good

13. Pumpkin Roll Cake

"This was the first time I had attempted to make a roll cake. I followed the ingredient list exactly—the flavor was very good...My family loved this—it may just become a traditional dessert next to the apple and pumpkin pies," says reviewer Kim Williams LaBombard

14. Fresh Pear Pie

There are more seasonal fruits than just apples and pumpkins to be enjoyed in the fall. Reviewer Nancywis says, "I have made this pie at least 10 times now, since we are hooked on it. Originally came upon recipe because we have a pear tree that gave us an over abundance, more than we could give away or store."

Photo by jL

15. Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes

"These were SO good. Very moist and had a nice cake texture (as opposed to a muffin). The cinnamon cream cheese frosting was a huge hit, although I doubled the cinnamon," says reviewer Jenee. "I doubled the recipe to make standard and mini cupcakes for friends, work and home and all of them were gone within 24 hours."

Photo by CC<3's2bake

16. Nana's Apple Crisp

An easy alternative to apple pie, this apple crisp recipe is only complete with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Reviewer B Hake says, "My kids (7 and 10) like to help me in the kitchen and this is simple enough that we whip it up in a flash and then all stand around the oven waiting for it to come out. It fills the house with such a wonderful aroma that family and guests always comment!"


17. Pumpkin Crumb Cake

Reviewer kim says, "I just returned from a Pumpkin Fest at church in which I entered this recipe into the recipe contest and won first place! I made it in a springform pan and added 10 extra minutes to the cook time. I also found adding the nuts to the crumb mixture made them set very well into the cake! I saved one piece for myself and now look forward to enjoying it with a cold glass of milk on this beautiful fall evening!"

Photo by lei

18. Pumpkin Whoopie Pies

"I have made these whoopie pies close to a dozen times since I found the recipe and they always turn out excellent," says reviewer BLONDE1INMAINE. "It is true that they turn out pretty much how they are put onto the cookie sheet so using a piping bag (or a plastic bag with the corner cut off) will result in a smoother cookie top."

Photo by CookinBug

19. Apple Banana Cupcakes

Reviewer naples34102 says, "Whether you call it a cupcake or a muffin, this is a nice little treat—most important, what we always look for first, they're moist. But they also have their own, unique little flavor going on, not quite banana but not quite apple, with a hint of spice."

Photo by LaurenM

20. Cranberry Upside-Down Coffee Cake

"It is very moist, tasty and has a beautiful presentation. It works well as a dessert as well as a morning treat," says reviewer SoCal Cook. "The only change I made was to add orange zest (a little on the bottom and in the cake batter). Orange and cranberry go so well together, I just couldn't resist!"

Photo by Scott M.

21. Downeast Maine Pumpkin Bread

You can't go through fall without making (or receiving) pumpkin bread at least once, and this top-rated recipe won't disappoint. Recipe creator Laurie Bennett says, "This is a great old Maine recipe, moist and spicy. The bread actually tastes even better the day after it is baked. Great for holiday gift giving!"

Photo by My Hot Southern Mess