11 Extra Gooey, Cheesy Egg Brunch Faves

Eggs and cheese go together like bread and butter, ketchup and fries, chips and salsa. Sure, they're just fine and dandy on their own, but even better together. And there's no better time to explore cheese's gooey goodness contrasting with the custard-y creaminess of eggs than during a lazy weekend brunch. These are some of our top-rated cheesy egg recipes that are sure to inspire satisfied sighs around the table.

Bake Off

These casseroles are so easy to prep — mix ingredients and pop in the oven — making them the perfect party food. While the casserole's cooking, set up a Bloody Mary bar, set the table and by the time your brunch bunch arrives, you'll be ready to eat along with the crew. No standing over a hot griddle, flipping flapjacks.

Photo by Chef Mo.

Quick and Easy on the Stove Top

Nothing beats a scramble when it comes to feeding folks fast. Just heed the seasoned advice from pros when it comes to cooking the mixture on the stove top. Never walk away from the pan while it's cooking because few things smell worse than scorched eggs.

making scrambled eggs in a skillet

Watch this step-by-step demo on how to make Chef John's incredible Parmalet, aka Crisp Parmesan Omelette:

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