I study trends for Allrecipes, so I get to see what millions of home cooks are really into cooking at any given time. What I find interesting about trends is they're always changing, and this week is no different. Our data points to a nationwide aioli obsession. Try one of these recipes and see why!

Hottest New Recipes

Though you looked at Simple Chicken Mayo with Parmesan and Bread Crumbs more than any other new recipe last week, your hearts were with our new aioli recipes. These four recipes had the most saves to your Favorites.

garlic roasted
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basil aioli
Photo by Christina
spicy citrus garlic
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Garlic Mayo Aioli
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Largest Spike in Interest

Chicken isn't known for its naturally bold flavor; you've got to add at least salt to coax our a little flavor. This week, oodles of you asked, "Why stop at salt?" and viewed this seasoning blend.

Photo by KGora

Other popular recipes:

Most-Favorited Recipe Overall

I get bored of the same old basic pork chops. Last week you felt the same way and decided to introduce some Asian flavors, making was your tip-top favorite recipe last week with the most saves. The soy sauce, brown sugar, and ginger will definite take your pork to the next level.

Photo by genoelemos

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What You're Searching For

Fall and Halloween recipes full of apples and pumpkins are making their way into our top searched terms. I wouldn't consider pickled eggs a particularly in-season recipe, but it had the highest spike in searches last week! Could this be related to the increased interest in Scotch eggs I reported about a couple weeks ago?

Classic Pickled Eggs. Photo by Leslie

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