Americans eager to experience the flavors of Europe are in a great spot right now, with flights to Europe at relatively low historic prices, and the dollar carrying a little more heft on the continent than we've seen over the past decade or so. And that's great! But let's say you're not about to jet off for vacation for a while; you can still explore Europe's varied flavors and culinary traditions, and share those influences at your next brunch, whether it's a meal for two or a big party. Below, you'll find some of our best brunch recipes as well as the countries whose cuisines inspired them.

Tortilla espanola for brunch
The Spanish egg-and-potato casserole known as tortilla espanola makes for a great brunch option.
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Photo by Meredith Publishing
Scones | Photo by Meredith
Sweet Crepes | Photo by Meredith

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