Wash your hands, people.
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Liquor/Beer Bottle Soap Dispenser
Credit: BOTTLEDGifts/Etsy

It's December, which means the annual scramble to get gifts for everyone in your life is officially on. While some people are easily satisfied with the latest consumer electronics, others have more… unconventional tastes. For example, you might be shopping for a tippler who admires beautiful spirits bottles.

Well, if you don't feel weird about gifting them something that goes in their bathroom, then you might want to know about a particular line of products from an Etsy shop called BOTTLEDGifts. That's where you'll find a whole line of soap dispensers fashioned from actual liquor and beer bottles ($10; etsy.com). Based on the look of the product description, BOTTLEDGifts makes use of Crown Royal, Jack Daniels, and Patron bottles, as well as beer brands including Stella Artois, Corona, and Sam Adams. 

Each bottle comes topped with soap dispenser toppers, so it essentially functions just like the hand soap you (hopefully) keep on your sink right now. You can load each of these up with your own soap, or look for a liquid soap that feels made to match these bottles. This Beer Liquid Soap ($9.45; etsy.com) from Etsy shop Vermont Country Cabin is made with real beer and creates a moisturizing, creamy lather.

Though you might feel like you're the only person who would be interested in this sort of thing, there's enough interest in these liquor- and beer-themed soap dispensers that BOTTLEDGifts' supply is limited. The beer soap is also on low supply.

So if you feel like subtly encouraging a liquor lover in your life to keep washing their hands amidst an ongoing pandemic, you know what to do. Just make sure they don't use it as an unconventional way to dispense liquor, because that would be weird.