By Leslie Kelly
May 03, 2017

How about a toast to the weekend? Something tall, frosty and super refreshing that goes well with spicy South-of-the-Border brunch fare you're gonna want to serve up to friends sounds like a plan. We're breaking it down by booze types, starting with the lightest beer sippers to the stronger spirit-based stuff that puts a serious kick into Day Drinking. (No finger wagging judgement, here, but go easy on those. Or plan on an afternoon siesta.)

Beer Cocktails

These playful variations on classic drinks like margaritas and mimosas keep things fun and frothy. In most cases, a lager-style cerveza is the best choice for mixing.


Fruity Wine Time

Let's not get into the sticky business of nailing down the origins of the lovely wine drink known as sangria. Yes, Spain could lay claim to the genius idea mascerating fruit in alcohol for a distinctive flavor that's juicy, but not quite sweet, but the versions from Mexico have slightly higher power to bring on the buzz. Adding a hint of tequila makes the brunch cocktails pair seamlessly with spicy foods such as salsa.

Pink Sangria with Strawberies and Orange
Photo by Meredith

Spirits-Based Cocktails

Tequila in the morning-slash-afternoon can be a dangerous thing, but not so much if it's accompanied by a whole lot of fresh fruit juice. Give citrus a savory edge by searing it on the grill. Looks gorgeous in the glass, too!

Grilled Grapefruit Paloma
Photo by Vanessa Greaves

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