The 6 Essential Organizational Tools That Changed Our Kitchens for the Better

Say goodbye to cluttered cabinets full of pots and pans and disorganized knife trays because with our six essential organizational tools, you'll have the perfect kitchen in no time.

Does your kitchen need a little TLC? We're here to help. These are the must-have organizational tools that changed Allrecipes editors' kitchens for the better:

The Adjustable Spice Rack

Few items in your kitchen accumulate faster than spices. You may have tried to control the chaos with a spice rack, but traditional racks can be cumbersome — and one size definitely doesn't fit all when it comes to spice collections.

"Being 5-foot-3 has its difficulties when it comes to cabinet organization, the main one being that I can never see, never mind reach, what's on the top shelf," says SEO Writer Melanie Fincher. "These spice racks have been a game changer because each shelf tilts down to eye level so I can clearly see and reach the correct spice bottle."

If you're short on counter space, you might want to get an expandable spice tray that's designed to fit into drawers of all sizes (suggested by Content Marketing Manager Frances Crouter).

Pan and Pot Lid Organizer

Have you ever braced yourself in anticipation of the deafening clatter that comes with opening your pots and pans cabinet? If so, you might benefit from one of Senior Editor Darcy Lenz's faves:

"Every place I've lived as an adult, I've seriously struggled with kitchen cabinet space," says Darcy. "So when I was setting up my kitchen after my most recent move, I was hunting for creative solutions for this ongoing dilemma, and I found an expandable pot and pan organizer. And I kid you not, it remains one of the best kitchen purchases I have ever made. It effectively doubled the space available in the cabinet where I placed it and better still — it makes accessing every piece of cookware stored in the cabinet so seamless. (As in, I know longer have to drag out an unwieldy stack of skillets out onto the kitchen floor just to access one in the middle of the pile.) I use the rack to store pans, their corresponding lids, and cutting boards — but you could also use it for baking sheets, baking pans, and even serving platters. I love that it's adjustable so you can manipulate the dividers to accommodate whatever you're trying to stash."

The Lazy Susan

If you find yourself constantly reorganizing your pantry just to reach one item, a Lazy Susan might be in order -- a basic turntable will help you easily access everything you need.

"My little kitchen has a huge corner cabinet that was a wasteland," says Digital Content Director Jason Burnett. "A wide cabinet with a narrow door means shelves full of things you'll never see without pulling out everything in front. I was ready to tear out the cabinets and remodel. A 16" OXO Good Grips Lazy Susan Turntables saved the kitchen. Now I can easily see everything on each shelf."

Space-saving Knife Tray

Senior Editor Kimberly Holland recommends a space-saving knife block that fits easily into kitchen drawers. A non-slip organizer tray, which holds up to nine knives of varying sizes, is much safer than haphazardly throwing your blades into drawers. If you have kids, this is a much safer alternative to countertop knife blocks.

Here's what one 5-star reviewer has to say: "I purchased this when I needed to store knives securely away from children. I added a lock to a drawer in a kitchen, and placed this in the drawer. I am really pleased with the functionality, and the little space it takes."

Pantry Bins

Kimberly's a fan of these pantry bins, which she purchased after she dropped a 2,000-piece sprinkle tackle box on her kitchen floor. You can stack the bins, so this 4-piece set is perfect for small spaces where every inch counts.

"My pantry now looks like a store," according to one satisfied reviewer. "The family can now find everything so easily in the pantry! Things that would get lost before no longer do!"

Magnetic Knife Bar

An organizational tool that doubles as sleek kitchen decor? Sign us up!

"I downsized from a house to a tiny apartment last year and a Modern Innovations magnetic knife bar has been a life saver," raves Associate Editor Hayley Sugg. "I didn't want to get rid of my knife collection, but it took up way too much drawer space, so this handy storage option was the perfect solution. As a bonus, since they're not knocking up against each other any more, my knives stay sharper for longer now."

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