Whether you're looking to spruce up your daily kitchen maintenance routine or you're ready for a deep spring cleaning session, having the right tools for the job makes all the difference.
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Cleaning products our editors can't live without
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Some find it blissfully cathartic; others despise every minute of it. Whichever camp you belong in, cleaning remains a necessary part of life. However, what many us neat nerds have discovered in our hours of scrubbing is that having the right equipment for the cleansing task at hand really is half the battle. So, we've compiled the cleaning products and tools that have made all the difference for Allrecipes staffers, in hopes that our recommendations can help you keep your own kitchen sparkling.

Microfiber Cloths

Microfiber Cloths
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"I swear by microfiber towels in the kitchen for smear-free surface cleaning: countertops, windows, stovetop, refrigerator, etc., and you only have to use hot water — no spray cleaners needed. They even lift fingerprints off of painted surfaces. And the nose-prints the cats leave on the windows? Gone with a simple wipe. I recommend protecting your hands with gloves because the hotter the water, the better the clean." — Vanessa Greaves, Senior Editor

Weiman Stainless Steel Cleaner Wipes

Stainless Steel Wipes
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"When I moved into a new apartment with all stainless steel appliances, I had no idea how quickly lingering fingerprints would become the bane of my existence (not to be dramatic or anything). These cleaning wipes are the best I've found for instantly polishing away fingerprints while simultaneously cleaning the surfaces of my appliances," — Melanie Fincher, SEO Writer

Buy it: Weiman Stainless Steel Wipes, 2-pack, $14.93; amazon.com

Pledge Multi-Surface Antibacterial Cleaner

Pledge Antibacterial Cleaner
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"To me, this is the perfect all-purpose cleaner. I can use it on just about every surface in my kitchen and beyond…from the counters and wiping down the outside of appliances to my glass dining table and wooden coffee table. I love the citrus scent and the fact that it's antibacterial, but above all else, I am obsessed with the aerosol spray style. This allows me to apply a nice, even mist over surfaces, versus a concentrated spray. I feel like I'm using less of the cleaner while covering more surface area. For daily upkeep in my kitchen sink, I'll rinse all the grease and food grime off of the sink's surfaces using the extendable spray faucet head, maybe wipe down with a clean cloth, and then mist the entire sink with the Pledge to kill any germs and leave it smelling fresh." — Darcy Lenz, Senior Editor

Roborock E4 Vacuum Cleaner

roborock Vacuum Cleaner
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"I bought this robot vacuum before bringing home a dog, anticipating all the shedding. But I'm surprised how much I rely on it in the kitchen. After hours spent meal prepping and cleaning up after, I used to ignore the stray lentils or bell pepper seeds that fell to the floor for days at a time. Now, I leave it to my Roborock. A cleaner-than-ever kitchen with no more vacuuming for me feels so freeing!" — Mary Claire Lagroue, Assistant Editor

Buy it: roborock E4 Robot Vacuum Cleaner, $269.99; amazon.com

Sprayway Ammonia-Free Glass Cleaner

Sprayway Glass Cleaner

"After realizing my windows and glass storm door were showing a great deal of nose prints from curious kitties, I researched what glass cleaners are used by professionals so I could get streak-free windows. (Those sprays are so rarely satisfying.) I picked this up at Target for less than $2, and it's made me love cleaning my windows, doors, and mirrors. It foams up for good coverage (you don't have to use much), and it quickly disappears without streaks when you wipe it away. It also doesn't have a strong chemical smell, which I find appealing after a day of using all kinds of chemicals." — Kimberly Holland, Senior Editor

Skoy Scrub Reusable Scrubbing Pads

Skoy Scrub Pads
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"My mom bought me one of these scrubbing pads over a year ago and I'm still using it! Not only are they cute, but they hold up really well — I've washed mine in the dishwasher countless times and it's still going strong. I love that they're environmentally friendly and don't disintegrate after a few weeks of use. I use them to scrub everything from my frying pans to stainless steel range top and nothing has scratched yet." — Diana Moutsopoulos, Senior Editor

Mrs. Meyer's Surface Scrub 

Mrs Meyers Surface Scrubb

"I essentially live in the kitchen, and the cleanup process can feel endless. This scrub clears away all the grease and grime in just a few minutes and leaves behind a lovely garden-inspired scent. It's great for countertops, cookware, and tough-to-clean stovetops. A must-have if you're constantly cooking and need a deep clean without harsh ingredients." — Rai Mincey, Assistant Editor

Mr. Clean Magic Erasers 

Mr Clean Magic Eraser

"The walls and cabinets in my kitchen are shades of off-white, so they show dirt and various unidentified smudges really easily. And since adopting a dog who doesn't always remember that jumping up on the walls etc. to see what's cooking isn't cool…the issue has escalated. Thankfully, a quick wipe-down with this legitimately magic product has my walls, cabinet doors, etc. looking good as new." — Darcy Lenz, Senior Editor

Buy it: Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, 10-count, $12.48; amazon.com

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