By Carl Hanson

The BLT, not just for sandwiches anymore! These recipes break down your basic BLT and build it back up even better than before.

The lower-carb option. "What a great salad," says AWEAVER. "And such an obvious good idea -- why didn't I think of it?"

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"If you can't decide whether to make a BLT sandwich or a pasta, now you can do both," says Chef John. "The combination of bacon, lettuce, and tomato has a proven track record of deliciousness!"

3. BLT Dogs

Here's one for the dog days. "A new twist on hot dogs," says KGora. "I wanted to have a little fun and combine two summertime favorites."

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Does it count as a sandwich if it's on a stick? Lindsey raves, "Best. Party. Food. Ever."

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Soup's on! "I was VERY skeptical about adding lettuce to a soup," says heather. "But it really does work in this soup. Try it! It was excellent."

Photo by Linda T

6. BLT Dip

Like a BLT with extra mayo. And then some. "It really tastes like a BLT," says Kathy. "You can cut the fat down if you want to use low-fat ingredients."

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Bite-size BLTs! "These appetizers are easy to make and very addictive," says Raquel. "I have converted tomato haters to tomato lovers with these BLT cups. I love that they can be made ahead of time and then a quick spoonful in a cup to serve."

Photo by Christina

Just add chopped iceberg or romaine lettuce.

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It's a BLT, only wee. This bite-size version features cherry tomatoes stuffed with a savory mixture of crumbled bacon, green onions, and mayo.

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Check out Chef John's favorite way to get crisp, perfect bacon with as little mess as possible. The trick to achieving perfect crispness? Chef John cooks his bacon above the fat instead of in the fat. See how it's done!

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