You can ask about his Italian meatloaf recipe.
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Modern Family star Eric Stonestreet hasn't been letting his time in quarantine — first in Los Angeles and now in Kansas City — go to waste. He's been perfecting his meatloaf. His Italian meatloaf.

"My mom’s meatloaf was amazing," Stonestreet recently told Allrecipes. "I started messing with basically a giant meatball. You mix veal, pork, and beef with breadcrumbs, olive oil, flat leaf parsley." Then, he coats it in a thicker marinara sauce — he prefers Rao's Homemade — and tops it with pepperoni slices.

The best part, however, might be his plans for the meatloaf-meets-meatball dish the next day: "There's nothing better than a cold meatloaf sandwich the next day," Stonestreet said.

He slices a thick piece of meatloaf, "put it on some good Italian bread with a swipe of mayonnaise and a thick hunk of iceberg," he told Allrecipes. He also adds Calabrian chilis, "because it's a spice that doesn't stick with you. It's just a really good, tangy heat. I add a little juice on the sandwich."

If you want to quiz Stonestreet on his meatloaf technique or talk about the first dish he cooked his parents — a steak sandwich that he's still perfecting to this day — you might be able to if you enter to win a virtual dinner with the actor.

In celebration of National Pasta Month in October, Stonestreet has partnered with Rao's Homemade, maker of beloved sauces and pastas, to invite one family to a virtual Italian dinner.

That family could be yours. You can enter the "Make Every Day Delicious" contest by recording a video of up to two minutes that tells why you love to cook. Submit the video September 20 through September 30, and winners will be notified in October.

If you win, you and up to five family or household members can dine with Stonestreet during a socially distanced virtual call. You'll also receive a Rao's Superior Collection gift, which is loaded to the brim with sauces, pizza sauce, pesto, and the pasta collection. Also included are three newly-launched Rao's Homemade soups, and to finish it off, there's an apron, jar opener, and roasted red peppers.

Raos Ultimate Collection (1)
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If you don't win the grand prize, you could be one of five runners-up that will receive the Rao's Homemade Deluxe Collection. And while that's no dinner with a star, it's definitely a really great prize.

In addition to cooking for longtime girlfriend Lindsay Schweitzer and her two young sons, Stonestreet has been taking time to explore his new home in Kansas City, both fishing and taking regular hikes, while he's been distancing at home.

Stonestreet says he encourages everyone to "find someplace to go outside," and if you're feeling a little stuck, practice his advice: "Take 10 really big, deep breaths," he says. "Get some good fresh air. That gets the body going and starts to stimulate you creatively."