1) A Bloody Mary garnished with pizza.

The College Daze Bloody Mary, designed to make you remember college—then almost immediately forget it. Only at Hrbek's Pub at Minnesota Twins games.

minnesota twins college daze bloody mary 2

2) Beef and refried beans rolled in Doritos and deep-fried

The Milwaukee Brewers call it Inside the Park Nachos, but really: It's nachos on a stick, and it's astounding.

Nacho On A Stick Milwaukee Brewers

3) Mashed potatoes and fried chicken stuffed in a waffle cone.

The Houston Astros present the Chicken and Waffle cone. It's the great taste of chicken and waffles, now without the fork! Okay, you'll need a fork.

Houston Astros Chicken Waffle Cone

4) A churro in a donut bun

The Churro Dog, because why shouldn't hot dogs be for dessert too? (Or so ask the Arizona Diamondbacks.)

Arizona Diamondbacks Churro Dog

5) A hot dog with a cheese steak on top.

The Kansas City Royals also have a question: "Why should you have to choose between a hot dog and a Philly cheese steak?" You shouldn't, this is America. Hence, their Steak & Cheese Dog. (Although it looks like someone beat them to it.)

Kansas City Royals Steak and Cheese Dog

6) A deep-fried marshmallow sandwiched between two deep-fried Oreos

The Texas Rangers' new Smoreo. Now you have a reason to take your deep-fryer camping.

Texas Rangers Smoreo

7) Fried jalapenos sitting on deviled eggs sitting on a strip of thick-cut bacon

The Detroit Tigers call it Bacon and Eggs and it's part of this amazing breakfast.

Detroit Tigers Bacon and Eggs

8) Ice cream plopped in 22 ounces of 7.0% abv stout

Finally, an ice cream float for adults, featuring Pike Brewing's XXXXX Stout. Thanks, Seattle Mariners!