Eight tipsy nights.

wine menorah from eliqs
Credit: Eliqs

While it's increasingly clear that Thanksgiving and Christmas are going to be a bit different this year, it's worth observing that Hanukkah will also require some changes in 2020. Though the very nature of the holiday centers around the idea of keeping the faith during times of darkness, the fact that it'll be harder to gather in person will detract from Hanukkah's usual joy. 

While nothing can truly make up for the physical absence of loved ones during the holidays, maybe a wine menorah can at least make it a little easier to deal with. At least that would seem to be the idea behind this nine-pack of canned wine from Eliq's, a shop that lets you put all sorts of custom imagery on cans of wine and beer. 

Available just in time for Black Friday (which is technically a non-denominational "holiday"), this $51 set bill itself as a "modern-day Hanukkah miracle." In essence, the nine cans combine to form a menorah, with one can for each of the holiday's eight nights, plus the ninth shammash "candle" that essentially functions as a little bonus wine in this case.

While you might think that this wine menorah is full of Manischewitz,  each can(dle) is filled not with budget concord wine, but a "Just Right White Blend" offered by Besa Mi Vino. Weighing in at 12.5% ABV, Eliqs describes it as dry, bright, and fizzy, with notes of jasmine and peach. 

In case you need any more cajoling in order to buy wine while also satisfying your mother's request that you have a menorah, Eliqs notes that you can also save these cans and turn them into a vessel for actual candles next year. So think of it as an investment in future Hanukkahs rather than just you buying a bunch of wine. 

Eliqs estimates it'll take a little under a week to shop,with delivery available in 40 states. SO if you want to make sure this shows up on time, your best bet is to probably check out before the calendar flips over to December. From there, the real test will be whether you can make that wine last for eight nights. Now that would be a real miracle.