Why an Electric Kettle Makes Your Life Easier

From helping you to prepare quick and easy meals such as ramen or instant soup or making your favorite kind of hot beverage in a matter of minutes, there's more to the electric kettle than meets the eye.

In each of our daily lives, we all have multiple tasks that keep us in a constant state of busyness. And, if you're like most people, you're probably always on the hunt for the newest gadget that will make your life a little easier.

I mean, you already have to deal with multiple priorities that cause an uptick in your stress level. So, one gadget that will help to simplify your daily tasks is an electric kettle. Once you get through reading this article, you'll absolutely want to transport this miraculous tool to your workspace or kitchen.

Why an Electric Kettle Is the Perfect Addition to Your Workspace

If you don't come from the biggest tea-drinking family, then an electric kettle might seem like a bit of a novelty product, one that could easily be replaced by a microwave. But after borrowing a roommate's kettle, I can say that it's become one of my greatest allies in my mission to turn my home office into a bastion of both comfort and productivity. Besides being relatively quiet for a cooking gadget, keeping a kettle in my office has opened up an array of convenience foods that are perfect for cold weather foods. My kettle has supplied me with the usual culprits of tea, cocoa and coffee, but has also come in handy when I'm craving ramen or instant soup. Instant oatmeal and grits are also fantastic convenience meals to keep stocked near your kettle. I even made up a packet of instant mashed potatoes recently in the office, enabled entirely by my ability to boil water without putting a pot on the stove (as well as my investment earlier this year in a serviceable yet fashionable mini fridge for easy butter and milk access).

electric kettle with french press

Electric kettles, when used creatively, can be incredibly helpful in a number of other simple tasks. Pop a few eggs into the main chamber, if your kettle allows for it, and you can have boiled eggs in a matter of minutes. And while we'd recommend a thorough wash out after doing so, you can even cook rice or pasta in your kettle. Or, if you'd rather, pour slightly less boiling water than you need over your noodles or rice and then place a plate or dish cover over the bowl. Along with stirring occasionally, that method will allow the food to cook without getting the inside of the kettle dirty. As far as low energy cooking methods go, you can't ask much more than the ability to simply press a button and wait for the water to boil.

The Bottom Line

Adding an electric kettle to your workstation unfortunately won't solve the majority of the problems in your life. But if you have access to one, it will supply you with hot drinks and warm meals with minimal hassle, and that's at least a small amount of comfort to hold on to.

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