6 Outrageous Ways to an Eat Egg in a Hole

The classic Egg in a Hole is a brilliant way to tackle breakfast, bringing toast and a sunny side up gem together in one pan. So quick, easy and satisfying. But guess what? This simple dish is ripe for all sorts of clever remakes, and we've come up with half a dozen that are sure to appeal to every kind of egg lover gathered around your breakfast table.

Before diving in, some basic EITH technique: Cut a 1 1/2 to 2-inch hole from the center of whatever you're using as the foundation; lay in the hot skillet. When the side facing down is lightly cooked/toasted, about 2 minutes, flip and crack the egg into the hole; season with salt and pepper. Continue to cook until the egg is done, depending on how firm you like the yolk. To speed the process, cover the pan with a lid after adding the egg or slip it under the broiler for a minute.

1) The Purist

This toasty treat goes by a bunch of names including Hole in One or Egg in a Boat, but no matter what you call it, Egg in a Hole hits the mark when there's just enough bacon grease in the pan. OK, you can use butter or olive oil, but don't try to fry dry.

Pro tip: Fry the bit of bread cut out of the middle of the slice and use it for dunking in the runny yolk.

Photo by Aja.

2) The Meat Lover

Punch out a hole in a sausage patty and cook it thoroughly before cracking the egg. You've got a porky breakfast Paleo peeps will go nuts about.

Pro tip: Make this one a twist on the Scotch Egg by coating the patty in bread crumbs.

Photo by Leslie Kelly.

3) The Hash Browns Fan

What better nest to cradle that perfect fried egg than a mess of crispy hash browns? This couldn't be easier to execute, as you use a spatula to nudge aside the spuds and create a spot to lay that egg.

Pro tip: To avoid breaking the yolk, crack each egg in a small bowl and gently add it to the finished hash browns in the pan.

Photo by Leslie Kelly.

4) The Vegetarian

Put a ring on it! Try this technique just once and never look at a bell pepper the same way again. Just imagine a brunch spread featuring this meatless marvel in a rainbow of every shade of pepper.

Pro tip: To tame the mild bite of bell peppers, blanch slices in boiling water for 5 seconds before plunging in an ice bath to stop the cooking. This technique also helps maintain the vibrant color.

Photo by Aja.

5) The Gluten-Free Folks

The Japanese pancake known as Okonomiyaki is traditionally made cabbage, beaten eggs and flour, but try swapping in the low-carb, gluten-free tofu noodles instead of using flour.

Pro tip: Rinse and pat dry the noodles so they crisp up in the pan.

Photo by Leslie Kelly.

6) The Sandwich Lover

Make this creation a double decker, tucking something savory between the two slices. Try strips of crispy bacon and chopped tomato, or go for a morning grilled cheese.

Pro tip: Finish this one with a minute or two under the broiler.

Photo by Leslie Kelly.

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