I'm not sure how it happened. I swear, I was just doing a little research about edible glitter, and before I knew it, I had my credit card out. Sure, "Prosecco glitter" costs a pretty penny, but I'm so excited about all the sparkly drinks I'm going to make with it.

Rose Gold Shimmer for Prosecco | Photo by PopaBall

Not only does this stuff from a company called Lakeland give your bubbly an irridescent shimmer, it adds a slight raspberry flavor, and the glitter also has little hearts made from gold leaf that float around the top. Just too cute. And perfect for any showers you may have coming up this spring and summer—or really, for any gathering that could use a little extra sparkle. (Are there really any that couldn't?)

Those little gold hearts! | Photo by PopaBall

I bought mine from a website called PopaBall* (Lakeland doesn't seem to deliver international orders at this time), and be aware: the shipping costs more than the product. The shimmer itself was about seven dollars and the shipping was fourteen. But, again—sparkles!! And although the product is called "Shimmer for Prossecco," I'm thinking it would look great in pretty much anything with bubbles. Below are a few drink recipes just begging for some shimmer.

Tom Collins Cocktail

*UPDATE (4/28): A bit of a heads up...I got an email from the company about my order today, saying they are working very hard to get FDA approval in the U.S., but they won't know for sure until mid-week next week. A little odd, but I'm keeping my eye on the prize: sparkles! (I suspect media attention like this in the U.S. caught them off-guard in terms of their ordering expectations.) I will post a further update when I have one. And just remember: sparkles!!