Edible Is Adding Baked Goods to Their Chocolate-Dipped Arrangements

We used to know it as Edible Arrangements, but they've rebranded and added a line of delectable baked goods.

trays of dipped strawberries and mini cakes and cheesecakes on platters
Photo: Edible Bakeshop

You may remember that Edible Arrangement recently rebranded as simply Edible, paving the way for the expansion of their offering of, well, edible items. They're still doing their classic fruit-dipped-in-chocolate arrangements that look like flowers, but they've also added things like smoothies, produce boxes, and now, a line of delicious baked goods.

The new line, which is called Edible Bakeshop, includes treats like New York-style cheesecakes, chocolate chip cookies, and brownies. They've also got seasonal offerings like mini pumpkin cheesecakes that will rotate seasonally.

The treats are available as individual pieces, as well as in boxes, platters, and bundles, alongside dipped fruits and other gift items. The treats are delicious apparently, since they have become some of the top-selling items at stores where they were first rolled out, as part of test program in 2019.

Just as with their fruit arrangements, you have the ability to pick up in store or set a delivery date for same-day or next-day delivery, where available. This could be a great option if you'll be missing out on your traditional Thanksgiving at your aunt's or grandmother's but still want to send a special treat for them to enjoy.

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