By Vanessa Greaves
Photo by Pam Ziegler Lutz

Easter breads are a beautiful way to break bread together.

Easter breads are some of the loveliest edible centerpieces we've ever seen. A feast day tradition that dates back for centuries, Easter breads are typically egg-enriched sweetened yeast breads that are served along with your family dinner. Easter breads can be presented in the form of one large bread to share, such as a braided Easter bread, or as individual rolls, such as hot cross buns.

Here are some of our favorite traditional and non-traditional Easter bread recipes from around the world, from Italian Easter bread with anise to easy bunny rolls.

1. Easter Bread Ring

This rich, eggy Italian yeast bread with eggs is studded with candied fruit, almonds, and a touch of anise seed. Dyed eggs are nestled into the braided dough and the whole thing is baked until the bread is golden and the eggs are cooked. A simple glaze and colorful sprinkles make for a photo-perfect finish.

Photo by curlgirl2

2. Braided Easter Egg Bread

Try this top-rated braided Easter bread recipe if you prefer a rich and flavorful egg bread but without anise, fruit, and nuts in it. You'll still bake uncooked eggs right into the bread.

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3. Pull-Apart Easter Blossom Bread

Here's another version of an Easter sweet bread baked into a ring. In this version, the bread is twisted to form blossom shapes, with jam or lemon curd in the center of each blossom.

Photo by CC<3's2bake

4. Italian Easter Bread (Anise Flavored)

Even first-time bakers gave this light and airy Italian Easter bread recipe rave reviews. It's a great choice if you want to try a simplified version of an Easter bread ring.

Photo by Christina

5. Paska Bread

Recipe submitter Tiffany Leyda says, "This traditional Polish egg bread is wonderfully light with a slightly sweet flavor." You can bake this Polish Easter bread in a greased souffle dish or Dutch oven to help it bake up tall with a rounded dome.

Photo by Doughgirl8

6. Bunny Bread

Can you keep a secret? Frozen dough is the secret to this super-easy Easter bread. You can follow the directions as written and make one big bunny, or form individual bunny rolls using the photo below as a guide. Either way, everyone's going to love your creativity.

Photo by catherine.drew

7. Cinnamon Roll Bunnies

A sweeter version of Bunny Bread, these use refrigerated cinnamon roll dough for a clever shortcut. Check out the video to see how they're made.

8. Hot Cross Buns I

Dried currants and a dash of cinnamon flavor these classic Easter buns from Great Britain. A simple sugar and milk glaze gives them their signature look. Set out a platter of these and take a photo, because they always disappear quickly.

Photo by Christina

9. Kulich (Russian Panettone)

Recipe submitter Valjusha says, "Kulich is a sweet yeast bread, similar to panettone, that is traditionally baked in Russia for Easter. But you can enjoy it any time! It can be glazed or left plain." She also says you can bake this Russian Easter bread in large coffee tins so they keep their traditional shape.

Photo by nt_bella

10. Chef John's Easter Bread

"If you were lucky enough to grow up in an Italian-American home, there's a good chance you got to enjoy the smell of freshly baked Easter bread, with its unmistakable anisette aroma filling the air. This loaf of Easter bread is one of my favorite holiday traditions, and an authentic family heirloom recipe; made the same way as my mother, and her mother, and her mother's mother made it." — Chef John

Photo by Chef John

11. Choereg (Armenian Easter Bread)

" my mother would just kill me if she knew I made our family recipe for Choereg public. But my policy is 'why keep a good thing to myself'. Choereg is a traditional, slightly sweet bread, especially made for Easter. It is delicious for breakfast with a nice cup of coffee. It takes some level of skill, but anyone used to handling yeast should not have a problem. You can find Mahleb at Middle Eastern grocery stores, especially around Easter. It will be with the spices. Please do not omit it, as this is what gives it its distinctive flavour and aroma." — Ani

Photo by Deb C

12. Basic Babka

Recipe submitter Nicholio says, " It's a sweet yeast dough that you roll out, fill, and roll up like a jelly roll, then cut, twist, and bake in a loaf pan. Don't worry: It looks fancy (and it IS a little messy), but it's seriously easy to do. And once you get the dough down, you can try it with other fillings."

Photo by Nicholio

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