So, Walmart has just started selling something called a Crotilla—i.e. a cross between a tortilla and a croissant. But before we get into the why of it all, I need to address the first thing that popped into my head when I saw it. Being an—[ahem]Mexican food enthusiast, I just have to say: no way is anyone going to use that half tortilla thing for tortilla-ish purposes, even a quarter of the time. I mean, it's round, I'll give ‘em that. But that seems to be where the similarities to tortillas start and end.

You can find Crotillas at 800 Walmart stores, nationwide. Eight-packs go for $3.98 each. | Image by Walmart.

However, you'll notice I'm not saying they don't look delicious. Because yeah, I would totally partake. And I can actually see the reason behind their existence. Word is, Walmart wanted to create something croissant-like that would be easier to slice in half and make sandwiches out of. (That's sound logic—I'll buy that.) And it does look like you could get more stuff on the sandwich with the uniform situation the Crotilla offers up—another perk as far as I'm concerned. A taste test still needs to take place, but it's being described as kinda flakey and buttery like a croissant, but a little sturdier—though, I would argue, more like a pita than a tortilla. But fine; Crotilla does have a better ring to it than croissita. (Or, I dunno—does it?? Croissita is already growing on me.)

Planning on picking up an 8-pack? Here are some recipes that'll come in handy:

Whip up this Club Sandwich in a Crotilla. | Image by Baking Nana