By Carl Hanson

When the season gives you fresh fruit, make dessert!

Pie is perfection. But sometimes you need a fresh fruit dessert that's not quite so worky. And here you go. These are easy, quick recipes. The fastest is ready in 10 minutes.

1) Spicy Oven-Roasted Plums | Ready in 35 Minutes

"Awesome," says Rossoneri25. "Perfect as a summer treat. I added some toasted almonds and topped this with ice cream."

Photo by lutzflcat

2) Fried Sweet Bananas | Ready in 15 Minutes

Bananas (or plantains) are fried in butter and coated with cinnamon-sugar. "A very traditional breakfast or dessert in northeast Brazil," explains Nandabear. "Delicious with vanilla ice cream too."

Photo by lutzflcat

3) Baked Peaches | Ready in 30 Minutes

"Used fresh peaches instead of frozen, and doubled the vanilla," says Tracey. "It was amazing!"

Photo by lutzflcat

4) Frozen Banana Bites | Prep Takes 30 Minutes

"A simple dessert that people love," says Allrecipes Cook. "You can use anything you want in place of the toffee: sprinkles, nuts, cookie crumbs, or whatever! This is also really good with dark chocolate."

Photo by House of Aqua

5) Banana-Mango-Berry Fluff | Ready in 10 Minutes

"What's not to like about freshly-whipped vanilla-infused cream with luscious fresh fruit folded in?" asks lutzflcat. "The taste is divine."

Photo by lutzflcat

6) Summer Fruit Salad with Whipped Cream | Ready in 40 Minutes

"The raspberry liqueur is subtle in both the dressing and the whipped topping," says lutzflcat. "I would think some raspberry extract would work well in this if you don't have the Chambord."

Photo by lutzflcat

7) Blueberry Shortbread Bars | Prep Takes 15 Minutes

"You can use any summer fruit in these bars, as long as you don't use too much and it's not too wet," says Chef John.

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Your Edible Arts & Crafts Bonus Recipe!

Baked Apple Roses | Ready in 1 Hour 10 Minutes

Watch Chef John in action.

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