It's the garlic hack to end all garlic hacks.

There is one culinary law we can all agree on: You can never have too much garlic. The amount of garlic that's called for in a recipe is usually insufficient, so yes you should go ahead and mince up a few more cloves. And if you love garlic, then you'll probably like any mechanism that helps you peel it — and get it in your food — faster.

garlic cloves everywhere

We've never heard of this trick before, but it's so straightforward and simple we had to spread the word. This secret to peeling garlic isn't a fancy knife trick or a specific product you have to buy (Besides, if you're looking to peel that garlic now, even overnight shipping won't help you). All you need is the union of time and heat that's better known as your microwave.

You can either microwave a few cloves of garlic at a time, or you can just go ahead and toss the whole head (the correct amount) in there. Zap your garlic for 20 seconds, and afterwards, that pesky husk will peel right off. Say farewell to all that effort and mess, and say hello to an extremely efficient way to peel garlic. Life will never be the same.