These easy-to-make cakes are as simple as they come, and they're all done from scratch. No boxed mix, no canned fruit. And no complicated prep. You just stir up some batter, throw in the pick of the season's best fruit, and bake. You don't even have to frost them. Hello, lazy summer days, meet our simple summer dessert recipes.

Rave review: "This was super easy to make and very very good! It taste just like cobbler, only the texture seems lighter. My kids approved so I think it's a keeper." -- SamBo

Rave review: "I'm not a baker, but I found this recipe easy to follow and it turned out great! My husband isn't crazy about any cake, but he loved this!" -- Lynn

Blueberry Coffee Cake I
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Rave review: "Never made anything like this before. It turned out perfect the first go-around. My family loved it and couldn't get enough. Delicious. Peach lovers have got to try it." -- Jarrod Richardson

Rave review: "This is so good and easy. My number one hit right now. Made no changes to it, comes out perfect!" -- Aigul

Fresh Strawberry Coffee Cake
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Rave review: "Excellent recipe -- I have probably made this a dozen times...the recipe does not say to use a 9" springform pan but this is the best I have found." -- twinboys

Made with peaches instead of plums, the peach slices around the blueberries in the center make the cake look like a sunflower
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| Credit: Alberta Rose

Rave review: "My husband doesn't care for rhubarb and he ate half the cake the first day and raved about how good it was." -- Carolc

Rave review: "I usually mess up every dessert I make, but not this one. Super easy and really good." -- Brook

3870900 Fresh Pineapple Upside Down Cake Photo by MommyFromSeattle 650x465
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Rave review: "This is spectacular! I usually use sour cherries as I enjoy them more, and I substituted some of the flour with almond flour. It's very easy to make and it's really moist, everything a good cake should be." -- paintinglilies

Sweet Polish Cherry Cake
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