The Genius Tool to Make Cold Butter Spreadable

Breakfast will never be the same.

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Easy Spread Butter Knife and a stick of butter
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Picture this: It's a quiet Saturday morning. The birds are chirping, the sun is shining, coffee is brewing, and your toast just popped out of the toaster.

You go to top off your favorite breakfast staple with some butter out of the fridge—but, before you know it, the cold hard butter has destroyed your toast by tearing it up and not spreading evenly, throwing a wrench in the peaceful start to your morning. Luckily for you, breakfast can now be saved by one simple kitchen gadget. Enter the Easy Spread Butter Knife from Uncommon Goods.

The Easy Spread Butter Knife is made of stainless steel, which means that your new favorite culinary tool is tough enough to cut through rock hard, cold butter. It's the same size as a normal butter knife, too, so it'll blend right in with the rest of the silverware in your kitchen drawer. What makes this new kitchen obsession stand out is it's built with small, slotted holes down the edge of the blade edge. When you run the edge of blade along a stick of right-out-of-the-fridge butter, these tiny holes cut the cold butter into mini curls that make the butter easy to spread—even when it hasn't had time to soften to room temperature.

There is also a longer, larger hole on top designed to slice through the hardest, coldest butter—it makes spreading gloppy peanut butter easier and even cuts smooth shavings of semi-soft cheese right out of the refrigerator.

Buy it: Easy Spread Butter Knife, $20;

"This knife is great. I bought one as a gift and one for our home," one 5-star reviewer says on "It DOES make spreading butter much easier. I may make this my 'go to' hostess gift in the future." If you're looking for a unique gift for an amateur chef or a first time homeowner, this one-of-a-kind butter knife is guaranteed to change the way they spread cold butter. Trust us, they'll be sending silent "thank you's" your way in their thoughts every time they bust it out (which will be often!).

"This product is great for my parents who are trying to cut back on the amount of processed foods they are eating! They like the taste of real butter, but hate that they can never spread it out on their toast or rolls," one customer writes. The only downside: "The knife is still somewhat difficult to use on butter fresh out of the refrigerator," they comment, "but if you just leave it out for a few minutes it really allows the knife to assist in giving you more usable, spreadable butter."

With its ergonomic design and smooth finish, this widely popular kitchen must-have is no sharper than a butter knife, making it a safe enough for kids to use, too. One Amazon customer writes: "It's perfect for hard refrigerated butter. My kids love it too, as it is so convenient to use and makes beautiful curls!"

Save yourself some trouble and treat yourself to the Easy Spread Butter Knife for just $20. As soon as you try this surprising way to make cold butter spreadable, you'll see why this special butter knife is the best thing since sliced bread (with butter, of course).

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