The Secret to Making Pulled Pork Just Like Grandma

Learn how to prepare melt-in-your-mouth, grandmother-approved pulled pork that practically makes itself.

Need a reliably delicious pulled pork recipe that can do it all? Watch Nicole McLaughlin recreate her grandmother's tried and true pork roast — a fork-tender meal that never fails. Enjoy rich, garlicky flavor and versatility all in one wonderful bite when you make this simple but sumptuous dish.

Simple Seasoning

Choose a large, bone-in pork shoulder with an even layer of fat for the best flavor. Heftier cuts of meat take longer to cook, making it easier for you to prepare side dishes and plan ahead.

All you'll need are salt, pepper, and garlic to get the party started. Make small slits in the pork shoulder with a paring knife and stud with garlic cloves for incredible flavor. "As the garlic cooks with the pork, it becomes so soft and sweet," Nicole shares. She advises home cooks to be generous with their seasonings. "Don't be shy — this is a big cut of pork, and you want all of that to seep inside the meat."

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Get the recipe for the easiest, most mouthwatering pork roast ever here.

Low and Slow

After achieving a beautiful, deep brown sear, lower the heat to 325 to allow the pork to become tender. The shoulder will cook in its own juices, creating deeply savory and succulent meat. Covering the meat keeps the moisture internal, resulting in the perfect bite.

The finished product will be fall-off-the-bone pulled pork ready to be used in a variety of ways. With minimal ingredients and an easy cooking method, making this impressive recipe will be a breeze for accomplished cooks and kitchen novices alike. The recipe can also easily be adapted for slow cookers or instant pots.

Remix the Rest

Unless you're cooking for a large crowd, you're bound to have leftovers. Don't let your pulled pork go to waste — use it as a filler for tacos, a classic barbecue sandwich, or as a rich addition to soups. Here are a few delicious ways to remix your perfectly cooked shredded pork:

Easy Brunswick Stew

Brunswick Stew
Brunswick Stew | Photo by Meredith.

"My family (of very picky Southerneners) loves Brunswick stew," says home cook Mebbie6. "I made this recipe exactly as written and it was easy and VERY GOOD!"

Amazing Pulled Pork Recipes That Aren't Sandwiches

Memphis BBQ Pork Totchos

Memphis BBQ Pork Totchos
Allrecipes Magazine

"Excellent way to enjoy the pulled pork without the bun," shares reviewer Chef Dave.

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