By Vanessa Greaves

With these easy one-pot pasta recipes, you don't have to bother with boiling pasta in a separate pot. Instead, you cook everything--and I mean everything--all in one pot. What you get are family-pleasing dinners with a lot less kitchen clean-up. Sound good? Now, let's look at the recipes.

1. Cheesy Salsa Mac

"Delicious gooey comfort food with a spicy kick," says bd.weld. "I used homemade salsa/pico de gallo and substituted Nacho Cheese Sauce in place of the Velveeta . Please excuse me while I go and have another bowl."

Cheesy Salsa Mac | Photo by bd.weld

2. One-Pot Spaghetti with Meat Sauce

"It doesn't get much easier than this by cooking everything in one pot," says bd.weld. "Italian sausage and pasta sauce with spaghetti noodles that you can have on the table in less than 45 minutes. Switch it up by using ground beef, chicken, or turkey along with any other of your favorite ingredients, such as sliced mushrooms."

Time-Saving Tip: Add Ragú Old World Style Traditional Sauce for classic flavor and quick preparation! Dinner's on the table in less than 45 minutes.

Photo by bd.weld

3. Italian Chicken Skillet

"I didn't put all the spinach in to cook, used the fresh spinach as a bed for the pasta & was great," says tigger9982. "Added chicken broth as needed for pasta."

Photo by Vivian Ortega

4. Broken Spaghetti Risotto

"AWESOME! Something different and delicious," says purplekamel. "Threw some prosciutto in for good measure. Will definitely make this again."

5. One Pan Orecchiette Pasta

"Liked this much better than cooking pasta alone," says lnewman65. "Much richer. I made with kale as that is what I had."

6. Italian Hot Turkey Sausage and Black-Eyed Peas

"DELICIOUS! I substituted hot Italian venison sausage for the turkey sausage, but otherwise followed the recipe as is," says crabbyJP. "It was fantastic and the leftovers were even better!"

Italian Hot Turkey Sausage and Black-Eyed Peas | Photo by Sugarplum

7. Easy Classic Goulash

Not to be confused with authentic Hungarian Goulash, but an easy American-style skillet meal full of comfort all the same.

Easy Classic Goulash | Photo by lutzflcat

8. Savory Hamburger Supper

Super-quick and satisfying way to beef up mac & cheese from a box.

Savory Hamburger Supper | Photo by Sugarplum

9. Singapore Noodle Curry Shrimp

The rice noodles in this dish are soaked instead of boiled, but they still end up in the skillet along with all the other good things that go into this Asian-style one-pot meal.

Singapore Noodle Curry Shrimp | Photo by Susheelover

10. One Pot Thai-Style Rice Noodles

"I loved the sauce!" says Tifani. "Switched the veggies for sauteed mushrooms, green peppers, green onions, and added a bit of tahini paste instead of using peanuts, but it was amazing."

One Pot Thai-Style Rice Noodles | Photo by Kim's Cooking Now!

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