Do you love to go out for Japanese food? Well, here's some good news -- many favorite Japanese restaurant dishes are simple enough to make at home, whether for a solo meal, for a weekday family dinner, or to feed a crowd. Here are a few favorite Japanese recipes that are a cinch to make in your own kitchen.

Miso soup is a quintessential dish served at Japanese restaurants across the United States. And, you won't believe how easy it is to make! All you need is miso paste (many mainstream grocery stores stock it), broth, and your choice of ingredients, whether tofu, vegetables, or seafood. Get tips for making miso soup.

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Chicken teriyaki is one of the most popular Japanese dishes in the United States. Store-bought teriyaki sauce is available at many local grocery stores, but why buy when you can easily make it at home? Don't limit yourself to chicken, brush this sweet and savory sauce on seafood, beef, vegetables, and more.

Another perennial favorite is sushi rolls. Sushi rolls are great for a picnic lunch or as party food. You can find all you need at an Asian market, including an inexpensive bamboo rolling mat. Make sure you buy the right kind of rice -- Japanese-style short grain sticky (sometimes called "sushi") rice. Here are step-by-step tips for making your own sushi rolls at home.

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This warming winter dish is the Japanese version of hotpot. Traditionally, thinly sliced beef is simmered with vegetables, tofu and other ingredients in an iron pot (nabemono) filled with a soy sauce-mirin broth. Sukiyaki is a great one-pot meal to feed a crowd! Watch this video to see how to make sukiyaki.

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The secret to great katsu is panko, light and airy Japanese-style breadcrumbs. You can find panko at any Asian market or in the International aisle of your neighborhood grocery store. This recipe calls for chicken, but pork katsu (tonkatsu) is also very popular and easy to make. Be sure to serve this with tonkatsu sauce for the most authentic flavor.

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Don't be scared off by the number of ingredients. All it takes is a quick blitz in the blender and you'll be drizzling this great tasting dressing over your greens.

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7. Gyoza

Gyoza dumplings are cousins to Chinese pot stickers. Like potstickers, gyoza are filled with ground meat and/or vegetables. However, they are wrapped in a thinner, more delicate skin.

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This sweet and sour pickled cucumber is served with Japanese food as a refreshing side dish. It's so easy to make and can be served with any Asian meal.

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"Also known as 'yasai yakisoba,' this is a healthy and quick dish with stir-fried noodles, vegetables, and a savory sauce," says Diana71. "The recipe can be easily doubled, but this is really best for one person."

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