August 02, 2017

Here's an easy way to add a little fall flair to your table with DIY metallic leaf cut-outs. Get the free template, step-by-step instructions, and decorating ideas.

Copper Metallic Leaf Cut-Outs
Photo by Allrecipes Magazine

How to Make Metallic Leaf Cut-Outs

Use our downloadable template to trace and cut leaves from sheets of soft copper, brass, or silver. Then use a dull pencil to emboss vein patterns into each leaf.

1. Purchase sheets of soft (36-gauge) copper, brass, or silver at a crafts store.
2. Make a leaf template. Download and print our patterns (see below) or trace real maple, oak, or gingko leaves onto paper.
3. Tape template to copper and cut around leaf outline, cutting through paper and copper with scissors or a utility knife. (Careful: Metal edges can be sharp.) Remove template.
4. Lay cut leaf on a notepad or magazine and use a dull pencil or burnishing tool to emboss veins into each leaf.

Copper Leaf Cut-Outs
Gingko and maple leaf cut-outs. | Photo by Allrecipes Magazine

Decorating Ideas

  • Scatter leaves over your dining or buffet table for an easy fall accent.
  • Place leaves under tea lights to catch and reflect the color.
  • To make a garland, punch a small hole at the base of each leaf and string them on a thin cord.


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