12 Dazzling Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

Here are a dozen ways to create beautiful Easter eggs with basic supplies from your local crafts store.

Easter Egg Ideas | Photos by Allrecipes.

Craft Supplies Check List

  • Glue gun and glue
  • Glitter, glitter pens
  • Small seashells
  • Stickers
  • Sequins and beads
  • Felt and fabric scraps
  • Raffia
  • Buttons
  • Ribbons
  • Silk flowers
  • Coloring gels
  • Novelty items from a craft or fabric store

Use wood, paper, or Styrofoam eggs from a craft store. Or blow the insides out of raw eggs.

To make blown eggshells for decorating, poke small holes in the top and bottom of a raw egg with a needle. Poke a long needle or thin skewer inside to break the yolk. Hold the egg over a bowl and blow gently on the top hole until the raw egg drains into the bowl, or use an egg blower. Let the shells dry, and then decorate.

Note: If you want to dye blown-out eggs, be aware that some dye will get inside your egg, so you need to let the egg drain and dry before you decorate. You can make a simple egg-drying rack by pushing a grid of pins into a sheet of foam core. Position dyed eggs so the dye drains out of the bottom.

These whimsical Easter eggs will be with you year after year. Get creative, and have a ball!

1. Chicken in an Egg

Broken eggshell? Don't throw it away: dye the entire shell and let dry. With a hot glue gun, affix fuzzy chick figurine inside.

Chicken in an Egg | Photo by Allrecipes.

2. Cosmic Egg

Wipe egg with vegetable oil and dye in two colors (see marbleized egg instructions under "Special Effects" in our Dyeing Easter Eggs article). Dry egg and brush with gold luster dust. Adorn with stars and space décor novelties.

Cosmic Egg | Photo by Allrecipes.

3. Bejeweled Egg

Dye egg in a bright color and let dry. Glue faceted beads all over the egg.

Bejeweled Egg | Photo by Allrecipes.

4. Bumpy Egg

Dye egg and let dry. Use a hot glue gun to place glue dots all over egg.

Bumpy Egg | Photo by Allrecipes.

5. Flower Vase Egg

Dye and dry egg. Spray with waterproof varnish and let dry. Blow out the egg. Gently expand opening at the top of the egg and glue a small flat rock to the bottom as a base. Hide glue seam with ribbon or beaded chain. Use hot glue to affix silk flower into eggshell--flower should just peeking out the top of the egg.

Flower Vase Egg | Photo by Allrecipes.

6. Charm Egg

Dye and dry egg. Glue narrow ribbon around the middle. Insert small tag or charm in blow hole and affix with hot glue gun. (The charm in this egg says, "Thank You!")

Charm Egg | Photo by Allrecipes.

7. Disco Egg

Dye and dry egg. Dilute craft glue with an equal amount of water and paint on egg. Roll in superfine glitter and let dry. (Dancing till you drop, optional.)

Disco Egg | Photo by Allrecipes.

8. Royal Egg

Dye and dry egg. With glue gun, attach large and small necklace fasteners to add a royal touch.

Royal Egg | Photo by Allrecipes.

9. Purple Rain Egg

Dye and dry egg. Use glue gun to attach flower sequins in a matching color (red on red, blue on blue).

Purple Rain Egg | Photo by Allrecipes.

10. Dotty Egg

As simple as it gets: pick your dot color and place tiny dot stickers on a white or dyed egg.

Dotty Egg | Photo by Allrecipes.

11. Embroidery Egg

Dye and dry egg. Use a glue gun to affix narrow fancy ribbon trim, beads, pearls, and tiny tassles.

Embroidery Egg | Photo by Allrecipes.

12. Gold Speckled Egg

Dye and dry. Cover half the egg with dots of glitter glue and let dry. Cover the other half with dots of glitter glue and let dry.

Gold Speckled Egg | Photo by Allrecipes.

How to Hang Your Easter Eggs

Blown Eggs: String needle with thread or fishing line and draw through a bead. Secure with a knot and draw needle through egg from bottom to top. Glue bead to bottom of egg. Draw needle through a second bead , create a hanging knot and glue top bead to egg.

Blown or Artificial Eggs: Hot glue ribbon loop to top of egg and let dry. Glue a small decoration to top of egg to hide the glue point.

Now see how to make an Easter Egg Tree for your beautiful eggs.


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