Decorate Some Doughnuts With Dunkin's Halloween DIY Kit

These festive doughnuts will make Halloween at home much more enjoyable.

Dunkin's "boo it yourself" Halloween DIY kit
Dunkin's "boo it yourself" Halloween DIY kit. Photo: Dunkin'

Halloween is just about two weeks away, and looks like its arrival could coincide with Covid-19 spikes in certain states that might make traditional trick or treating a scary proposition for some. That's probably left a lot of parents scrambling for some safer alternatives that can keep kids entertained and full of treats.

Thankfully, there are an ever-increasing number of indoor Halloween solutions out there, and Dunkin' is now among those offering them. Just in time for family Halloween fun, they're offering some DIY doughnut making kits that give you (and/or your kids) the chance to dress up some baked goods in the colors and tastes of the season.

Sold in boxes of four or nine, each DIY Halloween doughnut making kit comes with plain or old-fashioned cake doughnuts, orange, white, and balck, frosting, and multiple colors of sprinkles to top your treats.

Though this Halloween kit marks the first time Dunkin' has offered a collection of DIY doughnuts nationwide, the concept dates back to the early days of the pandemic. First introduced at select California locations in April, Dunkin's doughnut decorating kits were a creative attempt to give kids and parents something to do while sheltering in place. Now, Dunkin' HQ clearly thinks it's a good idea to make them more widely available at another point in 2020 where many will be forced from their traditional way of doing things.

Much like their Spicy Ghost Pepper Donut, this Halloween-themed DIY kit won't be around forever. So if you're looking for a way to replace trick-or-treating with doughnut-eating, make sure to grab this while supplies last.

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