Dunkin' Introduces New Coffee With 20% More Caffeine

It's a New Year's miracle.

With 2020 finally officially behind us and a new year full of resolutions ahead of us, it's natural that folks would want to turbocharge their mornings with a little bit of extra caffeine. Thankfully, Dunkin' is ready to answer the call.

Just in time for the new year (on December 30, to be exact), Dunkin' introduced a new Extra Charged Coffee, which claims to kick things up a notch by providing 20% more caffeine than the chain's classic brew.

So why and how did Dunkin' boost its coffee's caffeine content? As a company blog post explains, Extra Charged Coffee was made for Dunkin' fans who wanted a bit of an extra jolt, but lamented that added espresso shots changed the flavor profile of their favorite coffee a bit too much. The solution? Green coffee extract, which pulls a bit of additional caffeine out of the coffee bean itself before it goes through the traditional roasting process. As Dunkin' puts it, that "give[s] guests the benefit of additional caffeine without altering the taste of the high-quality Dunkin' Hot and Iced Coffee that [fans] know and love."

While the inclusion of a high-powered option for those who eschew espresso shots is the big news, it wasn't the only addition to Dunkin's coffee lineup unveiled shortly before the new year. Extra Charged Coffee will be joined by two new entries to their Limited Batch series, Explorer Batch and Dunkin' Midnight. The former is described as "a medium roast with a full, earthy, and smoky flavor." According to another blog post, Dunkin' Midnight replaces (at least temporarily) Dunkin' Dark Roast, brewed to coax out qualities of "inherent sweetness and bold, chocolatey flavor notes."

That's all great, but let's be real: You're really after that overcaffeinated coffee. The good news is that you can get your hands on a medium Hot or Iced Extra Charged Coffee for just $2 through January 26, by which point you may have given up on whatever resolution drove your need for extra caffeine in the first place. Still, you can't beat a deal like that when it comes to everyone's favorite legal stimulant.

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