By Kimberly Holland

The doughnut chains are casting sweet spells with their spooky treats.

Krispy Kreme and Dunkin' do not lack for creative thoughts around big food moments in America. Earlier this year, Dunkin' changed its name to Pumpkin' to honor the roll out of their seasonal pumpkin-flavored treats and drinks. Krispy Kreme filled a gap in America's heart with Valentine's Day conversation heart-shaped doughnuts.

Now, the doughnut companies and coffeehouses are adorning their iconic fried dough rings in orange, green, purple, and white icing, sugary eyes, and gooey drizzles to transform them into spirited sweets for Halloween.

Photo: Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme rolled out three new doughnuts for the holiday, collectively known as the Monster Batch Doughnuts. Slimon, the Slime Monster Doughnut, is made with Krispy Kreme's Original Glazed doughnut that is filled with lemon slime — yes, actual slime that's not too unlike the green goop that dripped from the rafters in "Ghostbusters." The filled doughnuts are then dipped in green icing and topped with a dollop of green Kreme. A sugary eyeball sits in the center, and a few drizzles of slime ribbons finish off the treat.

Hypno-Henry, the Cake Batter Monster, is not for the faint of heart — or the person without a sweet tooth. This doughnut is filled with creamy cake batter and topped with a mix of yellow icing and orange sugar sprinkles. A hypnotic swirl of white icing draws your attention to the sugar eye. Sharp sugary fangs are the final touch.

Krispy Kreme's third Monster Batch Doughnut is Mumford, the Mummy Monster Doughnut. This Original Glazed doughnut is topped with white icing and purple icing ribbons that mimic the lines of mummy wrapping. A sugary eyeball and fangs complete the terrifying look.

This trio is available at Krispy Kreme from October 7 to Halloween. If you show up at the bakery on Halloween dressed in your costume, you can pick a free doughnut of choice.

Photo: Dunkin'

Dunkin' is fully in Halloween mode with a variety of October treats, including an Oreo Hot Chocolate and Spider Donut. The Spider Donut is made with Dunkin's classic ring doughnut that's iced a seasonally appropriate shade of orange. Then, a chocolate Munchkin donut hole is positioned right in the center. Eight legs are drawn with chocolate drizzle, and white or orange icing is used for eyes.

Dunkin' will also offer a variety of their classic doughnuts in colors of the season — orange icing with colorful sprinkles. And for the ultimate treat (no tricks), you can buy any 10 Munchkins donut hole treats for just $2 through the end of October.

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