Yoplait Combines Dunkaroos and Go-Gurt Into One Nostalgic Package

There are no yogurt tubes involved, however.

Dunkaroos, one of the signature snacks of '90s America, feels like a relic from an era before childhood nutrition or "mindful snacking" was at the forefront of anyone's consciousness. Though the return of Dunkaroos in 2020 was a definite snacking bright spot in the midst of a pretty crappy year, there were no doubt a few 90's kids out there who scanned the nutrition facts and realized that they're probably not the healthiest thing you can put in your body.

But what if the dipping element of Dunkaroos wasn't frosting, but a low fat yogurt? Would that suddenly allow us to revisit our childhoods without that grown-up feeling of guilt?

That's seemingly the premise behind Yoplait's new line of Go-Gurt Dunkaroos, two titans of Millennial childhood snacking now combined into one brilliant package. To be fair, these are more of a Dunkaroos yogurt than anything. You won't find Go-Gurt's signature tubes, though you will have the chance to dunk into Vanilla Birthday Cake, Cotton Candy, and Strawberry-flavored yogurt, so at least there's that.

dunkaroos gogurt in cotton candy

The mere existence of this snack fusion seems to suggest that the Dunkaroos revival isn't slowing down any time soon. In addition to the return of the product itself, one smart brewery made and quickly sold out of a Dunkaroos beer, and we're seemingly on the verge of getting a Dunkaroos cereal as well.

According to Yoplait's website, Dunkaroos Go-Gurt can be bought from select retailers (depending on your area) now, with presumably a wider rollout to come in the weeks and months ahead.

Will we eventually reach the point where the world is somehow oversaturated with Dunkaroos and adjacent Dunkaroos-branded products? It's entirely possible the novelty will wear off eventually. But for now, you might as well see what it's like to dip some tiny cookies into yogurt.

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