It can still go in a mug, too.
Duncan Hines' Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa Cake Mix and Frosting
Duncan Hines' Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa Cake Mix and Frosting
| Credit: Duncan Hines

The weather's starting to get a little bit colder, which means we've reached the point of year where you can start drinking hot cocoa again without feeling like you have to justify your choices. While hot cocoa has heretofore primarily existed as a beverage, a new collaboration between Swiss Miss and Duncan Hines suggests that we might all be eating our hot chocolate soon enough. 

Just in time for you to do some early holiday baking while blasting that now-seasonally appropriate Mariah Carey song, the iconic hot cocoa company and the baking experts at Duncan Hines are rolling out two products that combine the best bits of cake and cocoa into a delectable combination. We're talking about cocoa on cocoa levels of decadence here, people. 

Forming the base of the combination is a Duncan Hines/Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa Flavored Box Cake Mix, made with rich cocoa. Billing itself as "perfectly moist," the mix is meant to go from prep to bake in just a short manner of time, requiring nothing in the way of additional ingredients besides water, eggs, and vegetable oil. That pairs perfectly with a Duncan Hines/Swiss Miss Creamy Hot Cocoa Frosting, which takes all of the rich taste and spreads it around. For those who find the idea of a cocoa-on-cocoa cake a bit too rich or intimidating, this frosting should also work well in a variety of other baking scenarios. If you're short on baking inspiration or just want something that truly combines the experience of drinking and eating hot cocoa, there's no shortage of inspiration. Duncan Hines parent company Conagra has a recipe for Hot Cocoa Cupcake Mugs, which seems like the perfect way to indulge this holiday season. 

You'll find both of these key cocoa cake ingredients hitting retailers this month, each available for under $3. Given that we'll all probably want cocoa this winter and everyone's gotten really into baking this year, picking both of these up sure seems like a solid way to pass the time inside as the holidays approach. Just don't be surprised if you get really into the idea of eating hot cocoa instead of drinking it going forward.