We bet we can eat just one!

If you find yourself reaching for microwavable cookies or mug cakes on those days when your sweet tooth rages but you don't want to head out to the bakery, then you're going to go crazy for Duncan Hines' new mega-sized cookie packs.

Duncan Hines Mega Cookie
Credit: Duncan Hines

These Duncan Hines Mega Cookies make six-inch cookies in the oven or microwave. In each cookie container, you'll find all the ingredients, plus a right-sized plan, which makes clean-up a breeze. (That's really the big advantage of not making a batch from scratch, right?) This half-foot baked good is the perfect size for sharing — or honestly not, if you're not much for sharing. Either way, these mega cookies are all about convenience, and they will be hitting shelves nationwide this month. Look for them in them mid-to-late February at the latest.

What's more, the Mega Cookies are available in four decadent flavors: double chocolate chunk, oatmeal chocolate chip, sugar cookie, and chocolate chunk. There's something for everyone.

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