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duncan hines holiday baking box

More than perhaps any other year in our lifetimes, this holiday season will find many of us cut off from our usual baking support networks. Whether that's mom or your Great British Baking Show-worthy friend, apprehension around travel and indoor gatherings mean many of us might have to go it alone.

The good news, though, is you can buy a whole bunch of Duncan Hines stuff that'll not only streamline and simplify the baking process, but also keep you and the rest of your household full of goodies until at least January. 

For just under $30, the kit features a mix of evergreen baking elements alongside some of the edible accessories you'll need to turn your kitchen into a winter wonderland. In terms of the building blocks, you'll find Duncan Hines' White Cake Mix and Chewy Fudge Brownie Mix, as well as Vanilla and Chocolate Frostings. The real festive fun comes in the form of the holiday-appropriate candies that go on top, including crushed peppermint candy, gummy snowmen, and gummy Christmas trees. 

While there's plenty to work with here, you needn't let your lack of a showstopper bake-worthy idea hold you back. The kit includes a decorating inspiration card featuring thought starters for your potential bake, as well as a variety of holiday-themed excuses to turn the oven on and get going. For example, creating holiday care packages for loved ones themed around some of the ideas laid out could be a great way to end a year like this one. 

You'll find the kit on Amazon now, making it an easy addition to your Black Friday or Cyber Monday shopping. After all, there's nothing better than spreading joy (to yourself or others) with baked goods—even if you take some shortcuts along the way.