We'll take one of each, please.


Are you a sucker for colorful cakes with lots of sprinkles and sparkle? Well, Duncan Hines now has three new, color-changing (yes, color-changing!) cake cups that scream happiness. I mean, you cannot heat up one of these cake cups in the microwave and not immediately feel happier. It's impossible.

Mermaid, Unicorn, and Galaxy cake cups will hit stores in early February. Get excited to make these sweet, decadent treats in minutes AND eat them on the go. Just add water to the cup, stir, microwave, and let it cool. Stash some in your desk drawer at work for whenever you need a midday sugar fix.

The Unicorn is pink vanilla cake with colorful sprinkles. The Mermaid is purple vanilla cake with sprinkles that look like pearls. (Ooooh, fancy!) And the Galaxy is a chocolate cake mix with sprinkles to top it off — basically, deep, rich decadence in a cup.

The best part? Their color-changing abilities, of course. But you'll also love that you can add more sprinkles and toppings like melty chips and crunchy pieces for extra texture. Each cake cup costs just $1.65.

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