Let's all eat our feelings.
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"Dumpster fire" may have entered the human lexicon years ago, but the term gained a lot of traction this year — it's possible that one day in the future, when you look up "2020," in a dictionary or on Google, a dumpster fire is the first image that'll pop up.

2020 was also a huge year for baking, and lots of geniuses out there incorporated the general malaise that was this year into their homemade treats. Dumpster fire cookies, cakes, and even gingerbread houses are popping up on social media to offer a brief reprieve, even if it's just a short giggle.

dumpster fire cookie cutter
Credit: CookieSmut via Etsy

The spirit of the dumpster fire has even overtaken Etsy, where I found a shortcut for the baking trend that truly suits 2020. Behold, the dumpster fire cookie cutter. There are actually a few options to choose from, depending on your skill level. This embossed dumpster fire cookie cutter from CookieSmut is a nice choice, especially if you don't mess with fondant art. There's also the option to have "2020" etched into the cutter so every time you bake cookies you can reflect on this garbage year. If you can intricately decorate a cookie, though, CookieSmut offers this fondant cutter for $6.75.

The handmade, embossed cookie cutter comes in three options: mini ($8), standard ($11) and 2020 edition ($12). If you're in the market for a larger dumpster fire cookie though, perhaps a dumpster fire cookie cake, CookieSmut offers custom sizes on request.

Look, this year has been rough. At the very least, we all deserve a cookie.