Get a taste of regional favorites from across the states.
Duke's Southern Sauces

Duke's Mayonnaise, a brand revered by consumers both in the South and nationwide, has announced a new line of condiments. "Southern Sauces" will draw inspiration from regional sauces across the Southeast.

Southern Sauces will include five new barbecue sauces, each reflecting the flavors of a different state. There's zippy Alabama-Style White, spicy Georgia Sweet Heat, rich Tennessee Smoke and Whiskey, robust Hickory Moonshine, and tangy Carolina Gold.

These uniquely flavored sauces would be perfect for tossing with wings, pouring over barbecue sandwiches, or even simmering in the slow cooker with some pork.

Just in time for barbecue season, Duke's Southern Sauces are already appearing on grocery store shelves across the Southeast. They will also be available for purchase in the future on the Duke's Mayonnaise website.

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