Duke's Mayonnaise Combines Mayo with a Whole Bunch of Other Flavors

Care for some lime-flavored mayo?

Mayonnaise may not be for everybody. Some (including vegans) may not like it as is. Others might see it as sort of a bland, one-dimensional condiment that hardly takes a sandwich to the next level.

Don't tell that to the folks at Duke's Mayonnaise, because it looks like they've gone out of their way to showcase not only the range and versatility of mayo with a new slew of flavors that seem intent on shaking the spread's boring reputation.

The lineup encompasses mayonnaise and mayo-adjacent dressings, driven in equal measure by familiar mayo scenarios as well as some more adventurous flavor combinations. The Bacon & Tomato flavor should offer BLT lovers a spread that makes sure nothing distracts from its namesake ingredients. Cucumber Dill, another classic, pushes Duke's into fresh, herbaceous territory, while Fire Roasted Red Pepper may be about as close to the concept of "grilled mayo" as one can (and should) get.

The real wild card here is the introduction of Duke's Mayonnaise with a hint of lime. If the press release touting its unveiling dropped a week earlier, you could be forgiven for writing its existence off as an April Fools' joke. Instead, it is a very real product that features "a splash of real lime juice" to introduce acidity into the equation that may work well with certain fish dishes.

just a small sample of all the new duke's mayonnaise flavors
Duke's Mayonnaise

Beyond the new mayos, Duke's introduced a trio of dressings that should have a place in the sides at your summer barbecues. There's Creamy Potato Salad, Southern Style Coleslaw, and Spicy Coleslaw, the last of which is perfect for those who are tired of everyone passing over what they brought to the potluck.

While one might question the need for such a wide array of mayonnaise, it seems we've hit a watershed moment of condiment mixing. Heinz has tried its hand at "mayochup," "mayomust," and even (maybe) "Cravy," so the way has clearly been paved for a Bacon & Tomato-flavored mayo.

You'll find these tangy, tantalizing options wherever fine mayonnaise (and maybe even some aioli) are sold beginning in April of 2021. Your move, "mayochup."

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