April 13, 2017

I keep saying I need to do more puzzles and word games to sharpen up my waning memory, but apparently I need to work in some wine-drinking with those other activities. Turns out, drinking wine gives your brain quite the workout. But, there's a catch! You need to sip your wine, and sip thoughtfully because it's really the assessment of wine that gets the ol' noodle fired up.

Make sure you swirl, snif, and sip slowly for the full "workout." | Photo by Meredith

Yale neuroscience professor Dr. Gordon Brooke-Shepherd has recently released the book, Neuroenology: How The Brain Creates The Taste Of Wine, that goes deep into the whole theory, but essentially he says that the process our brain goes through when noting the smells and tastes of wine is very similar to that of working out a math equation. Wow. Okay! As someone who has always felt there is just way too much math involved in math, I'm thrilled to have an alternative to increasing my smarts. So who's in for a puzzle and a bottle of merlot? It's for our brains, you guys!

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