A study published in The Journals of Gerontology gives new meaning to the term, happy hour. Because if couples match each other, drink for drink, it's not just the hour that they're happier in—they're actually happier in their marriage!

Cheers to happier couples! | Image by Shape Magazine

The study focused on couples over the age of 50 who were married for an average of 33 years, and found that couples who had similar drinking habits reported less marital problems than in couples where one spouse drank more or less than the other. Interesting. So, just as long as you're equally as tipsy as your main squeeze, it's happy days, right? Well sorta…

It's important to note that couples who didn't drink much—or at all—also reported being happier in their marriages than couples who didn't have matchy-matchy drinking habits. So it seems to be about a compatibility thing when it comes to drinking rather than the actual drinking. Regardless, if you're clinking together glasses with fresh drinks at about the same pace, you have a bit more of a reason to say, "Cheers!"

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