By Carl Hanson

You'd never drink Champagne out of a regular wine glass like some kind of bubbles bumpkin, would you? And those shallow bowl-shaped coupes? They're for philistines.

Sophisticates, of course, sip Champagne exclusively from elegant, narrow flutes. Why? Because with the flute, connoisseurs can better reflect upon the gorgeous, rising cascade of bubbles.

Well, not so fast.

You're doing it wrong | Photo by Meredith

Bloomberg's Lootblog is helping burst the conventional wisdom by sharing a fun new perspective on the Champagne flute: it's a drinking vessel for folks who care more about how a wine looks than it tastes. Yes, the flute's narrow tube may showcase the sparkle, but it doesn't let the wine breathe and it reins in bouquet.

SOLUTION! Drink sparkling wine out of a regular ol' wine glass. Champagnes and other sparkling wines are, after all, wines made from wine grapes, not some completely separate beverage. Some wine pros recommend Chardonnay-style white wine glasses for Chardonnay-based sparkling wines (blanc de blancs) and Burgundy-style glasses (with wider bowls) for Pinot Noir-based bubbles. But, ugh, this seems unnecessarily persnickety. Anything with a tulip shape (to capture expanding aromas) will work just fine. Incidentally, this means the coupe isn't ideal either.

But the good news is you need not feel like an unsophisticated clodpoll for sipping sparkles from a standard wine glass at your holiday party. Indeed, you should be congratulated on your good sense and sophisticated taste -- plus, you're probably enjoying the wine more.

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