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Drawer Liner
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Lining your kitchen cabinets and drawers is the best way to keep them clean and protected from years of use and abuse. That means choosing the right material is essential. You want to look for waterproof options that will be quick to cut to size and easy to maintain, clean, and wipe down. (And bonus points if they add to your home's style!)

The good news is that you have a lot of options to get the job done, including some you might already have on hand.

DIY Drawer and Cabinet Liners

The following DIY drawer and cabinet lining solutions won't cost you a dime:

  • Wax paper
  • Wrapping paper
  • Extra rolls of wallpaper
  • Leftover linoleum flooring sheets
  • Starched pieces of leftover fabric
Adhesive Cork Liner
Credit: Amazon

1. Adhesive Cork Liner

Cork is a naturally skid-free surface that offers just the right amount of "bounce" to protect the base of your dishes and glassware. You can either remove the backing of this cork shelf liner and stick it onto your shelves, or keep it on so you can easily swap it out later on.

Buy it: Con-Tact Brand Natural Cork Self-Adhesive Shelf Liner, $8; Amazon.com

Con-Tact Brand Solid Grip Premium Non-Adhesive Non-Slip Embossed Shelf and Drawer Liner
Credit: Amazon

2. Embossed Cabinet & Drawer Liner

This embossed, diamond-print shelf liner will help keep your breakables or cutlery organizer from sliding around your drawers. Its textured surface offers just the right amount of grip while looking chicer than its old-school competitors.

Buy it: Con-Tact Brand Black Diamond Embossed Liner, $14; Amazon.com

Michel Design Works Scented Drawer Liners, Paradise
Credit: Amazon

3. Scented Floral Print Liner

Who knew scented cabinet and drawer liners were a thing? If this liner's pretty print doesn't excite you, its fresh smell definitely will, thanks to notes of tropical plumeria and hibiscus flowers.

Buy it: Michel Design Works Scented Paradise Drawer Liners, $20; Amazon.com

Con-Tact Brand Adhesive Removable Chalkboard Liner
Credit: Amazon

4. Write-On Chalkboard Liner

Black chalkboard contact paper creates a sleek and timeless look. Plus, you can write on it using a chalk pen to make sure every member of your household knows exactly where items get stored. This works especially well in pantries and for families with young children.

Buy it: Con-Tact Brand Adhesive Removable Chalkboard Liner, $8; Amazon.com

Darice Plastic Canvas 7 Count
Credit: Amazon

5. Plastic Canvas Sheets

Crumbs and other debris will fall through the grid-like holes of these plastic sheets, also known as vinyl weave. So, you don't have to worry about dirtying up the clean dishes you're putting away. They're easy to cut to size, too.

 Buy it: Plastic Canvas Sheet (6-Pack), $22; Amazon.com

Cooking Concepts Chopping Mats 2 pcs
Credit: Amazon

 6. Flexible Plastic Cutting Boards

For surfaces prone to leaks or moisture, like the area underneath your sink, this heavy-duty alternative to cabinet liner will do the trick. Lay one at the base of your cabinet for easy (and totally affordable) waterproof protection.

Buy it: Flexible Chopping Mats (2-Pack), $5; Amazon.com

Marble Paper Granite Gray/White Waterproof Self Adhesive Removable Gloss Vinyl Film Decorative Self Adhesive Paper for Countertops
Credit: Amazon

7. 'Marble' Drawer & Cabinet Liner

Give your kitchen an elegant look by lining your drawers and cabinets with a waterproof roll of cut-to-fit vinyl, featuring an adhesive backing. This stuff is so durable that some people even use it to cover their kitchen counters for a quick face-lift. In other words, you know it'll stand up to the task.

Buy it: Marble Self-Adhesive Vinyl, $7; Amazon.com